Appreciate what you have now

It’s perfect out right now, the sun’s up high and there’s a comforting breeze in the air, I’m at work right now inside the building but I do miss being out on a date with a loved one. I still remember walking down Robson and sitting at the patio over a refreshing drink, followed by a stroll at the seawall till late. I know it’s the past now and the chances of that happening now are very slim, but at least it’s a memory of something good that I had in my life. I do miss that feeling of being at peace and never having to worry about what tomorrow would bring, I guess all I can say now as I stand here alone looking out the window, is appreciate what you have now because what you have is something people would give up everything to feel once again..

Even when the story ends

Even when the story has ended between two friends who used to be so much more. The memories still remain between them and though they may deny it. There’s still a part of them holding them together, when we love someone we give a part of ourselves to them. It is called love but we all know that’s not really an accurate description, then as hard as we try to shake it off our minds? we just can’t. I guess some things stay with us for life, even if it’s something we rather not feel because we know where it eventually leads.

Why do we feel


Why do we feel the way we do, when we miss someone who isn’t with us anymore and has already left us by heart and mind? when they have already moved on and you have become but a shadow or a passing thought. It doesn’t make sense does it? deep down inside you know that you aren’t where you used to be so why does a part of you still cling on? is it false hope or is it just because when you love someone so much emotionally it becomes a part of you? if that’s the reason then maybe it’s a good thing to hold on to how you feel. At least this way, you know that you truly did love someone and it wasn’t just a temporary feeling, even if those feelings were not always returned.

When only time heals..


Sometimes, people leave us because of our wrong actions or saying the wrong words. Everyone makes mistakes after all and nobody really realizes what they have done until it’s too late, there’s nothing left to do then but to let time heal the wounds and move on. Nobody really wants to hurt intentionally, things happen because after all we are only human right? i recently discovered that time does heal old wounds and when they do heal. It is a feeling of relief, so i guess what i’m saying is don’t go chasing after someone if you know you’ve hurt them. Give them time to collect their thoughts, then if they do want you in their life they will be waiting where you left them..


You are everything to me

If you should ever need a shoulder, i’ll be there…If you should ever need someone to talk to, i’m only a phone call away…If you ever wonder whether or not i can handle what you want to say, i have loved you all this time..If you ever wonder whether or not i miss you, i still wait for your messages..If you should ever doubt my love, just remember you never left my mind..Not even once or ever..

If you don't tell, i'll never know

If you feel something? tell me, if you're thinking about something? share it with me and if there's something you want to tell me, then do it otherwise I'll never know, there's only one lifetime that we are given to understand each other, do you really want to keep me guessing all the while? or do you want me to know so we can build something together? if you feel that it might take us down an uncertain path in this relationship, then let's do it and I'll show you how far I'm willing to go with you, what you will find is I'm not just here for now. I'm here to stay by your side as long as you want me to, if somewhere along the way we lose each other, at least we will both know that we gave it our best, right?