Why I love you

Ask me why I love you and I’ll tell you because of who you are to me, ask me who you are to me and I’ll say everything because I can’t imagine a day without you. Then if you ask me why I don’t think of anyone else, I’ll tell you only that what I feel is real and because it is genuine I could never love anyone else the way I love you, unconditionally…

Would you be noticed?

There’s only so much you can do when your heart is aching for the love of someone you want, yet that’s not the most painful part. It’s knowing that the one you wish the love of isn’t thinking of you that hurts the worst, there’s nothing you can do but let time heal old wounds again and again. But, this feeling will return time and again as long as someone is in the deepest part of your heart. The only thing you can do I guess is see if you matter to someone enough to notice you, only time will tell..



Communication, it’s one of those things couples tend to forget to do and then they end up in a tough place in their relationship. If you don’t say how you feel then how can you expect someone to know? yes, people can probably guess how you feel but assumptions never help anyone. In fact, most of the time it just leads to arguments and really nasty breakups. the worst one, is when you want to say something but you are afraid of what response you’ll get so it builds up inside of you so much that you end up saying the wrong things. Then you can’t take it back anymore, so please always say what you feel and let things happen on their own. If you don’t get the response that you want, it’s alright. At least you received your answer and now you can move on.

Proving yourself beyond material gifts..

If you have doubts in your heart, if you don’t feel you can love like you did because you can’t trust that someone won’t hurt you or make you feel like your life is over. Then you have to calm your heart and accept that relationships aren’t found nor given. They are made together by two complete strangers who are taking a chance to see if there’s something more, there are no guarantees that the relationship will ever work but that’s what it really is in the end. It’s taking chances to see if it will work, i know how easy it is to confuse love with receiving endless gifts and eating at fancy restaurants. But, that doesn’t really prove anything other than that you enjoy a good lifestyle. To really prove your love to someone you have to show genuine interest in their hopes and dreams, listen to them and help them get there even if you gain nothing from it. That’s just the way i see it, the rest is up to you 🙂


Even when the story ends

Even when the story has ended between two friends who used to be so much more. The memories still remain between them and though they may deny it. There’s still a part of them holding them together, when we love someone we give a part of ourselves to them. It is called love but we all know that’s not really an accurate description, then as hard as we try to shake it off our minds? we just can’t. I guess some things stay with us for life, even if it’s something we rather not feel because we know where it eventually leads.

Why do we feel


Why do we feel the way we do, when we miss someone who isn’t with us anymore and has already left us by heart and mind? when they have already moved on and you have become but a shadow or a passing thought. It doesn’t make sense does it? deep down inside you know that you aren’t where you used to be so why does a part of you still cling on? is it false hope or is it just because when you love someone so much emotionally it becomes a part of you? if that’s the reason then maybe it’s a good thing to hold on to how you feel. At least this way, you know that you truly did love someone and it wasn’t just a temporary feeling, even if those feelings were not always returned.

The only things I want to replace

The only thing I want to replace with you is a smile in place of all that sadness, a heart where there are shattered pieces, hope where there’s none and confidence that there’s nothing you can’t do, love where you thought none more existed and a vow of commitment that will remind you that I’ll never let you down. These are the only things I could ever want to replace, nothing else because you’re amazing to me.

If you need to go..

If you have to move on, i won’t stop you. I know i should but i would never wish to change the memories of we had together all this time. The laughter and all the tears but more importantly what we felt for each other, it long transcended love and desire for each other’s company, if you remember these would you keep walking or would you turn around and see me standing still? i’ll leave this up to you.

Once in a lifetime

One lifetime to find you, one chance to show you how much you mean to me. So, go ahead and ask me if I would ever jeopardize what we have. The answer you’ll get every time, is I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I know you heard it before but I’m not the kind of person that toys with feelings, that takes a different kind of heart altogether and mine has already been shattered before.