Appreciate what you have now

It’s perfect out right now, the sun’s up high and there’s a comforting breeze in the air, I’m at work right now inside the building but I do miss being out on a date with a loved one. I still remember walking down Robson and sitting at the patio over a refreshing drink, followed by a stroll at the seawall till late. I know it’s the past now and the chances of that happening now are very slim, but at least it’s a memory of something good that I had in my life. I do miss that feeling of being at peace and never having to worry about what tomorrow would bring, I guess all I can say now as I stand here alone looking out the window, is appreciate what you have now because what you have is something people would give up everything to feel once again..

Would you be noticed?

There’s only so much you can do when your heart is aching for the love of someone you want, yet that’s not the most painful part. It’s knowing that the one you wish the love of isn’t thinking of you that hurts the worst, there’s nothing you can do but let time heal old wounds again and again. But, this feeling will return time and again as long as someone is in the deepest part of your heart. The only thing you can do I guess is see if you matter to someone enough to notice you, only time will tell..

When what you feel is real

I have to ask, have you ever wondered how you can walk past people that you would normally be attracted to. Yet feel nothing, but then you meet someone who not only has what you like but also makes you feel like they are the one? so from that moment on they are on your mind and before you know it, your mind starts seeing that person seemingly everywhere? yeah, that’s called really loving someone, how I wish that people who have come and gone from my life knew how I felt..