You are everything to me

If you should ever need a shoulder, i’ll be there…If you should ever need someone to talk to, i’m only a phone call away…If you ever wonder whether or not i can handle what you want to say, i have loved you all this time..If you ever wonder whether or not i miss you, i still wait for your messages..If you should ever doubt my love, just remember you never left my mind..Not even once or ever..

Distant never makes me love you any less..

Distance didn’t just remind me about how much i miss you, but also how much i appreciate spending time with you, every time we talk after waiting for you lifts a weight off my shoulders. Even simply seeing your words on my screen heals me from the day’s burdens and worries, then i hear your voice and i completely forget what i wanted to talk to you about. I just become mesmerized by your sweet comforting voice and i want to hear nothing more, i don’t want to speak much anymore because you are all i want. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in my life, it is a moment I’ve longed for and i won’t let anything take that away from me. So, please believe me when i say i miss you and please believe me when i say that though you are so far from me, there’s nothing in this world that will take away how much i miss you and how i long for you..



Even if I'm still alone at the end..

The night has ended for me, i had a great day with my angel, there were as always lots of heart to heart talks and lectures from the old man, I know she listened to everything I said since I've held her in my arms and talked to her, long before her first few words so i know when her mind is listening or not, it's an incredible connection unlike any other, that of father and daughter and am truly blessed to have the healing of my angel, after all the heartaches and lonely moments that I go through the entire week, the moments when I need the reminder that I am alright, even if I'm alone at the end of the day, I still mean something to someone unconditionally.