Appreciate what you have now

It’s perfect out right now, the sun’s up high and there’s a comforting breeze in the air, I’m at work right now inside the building but I do miss being out on a date with a loved one. I still remember walking down Robson and sitting at the patio over a refreshing drink, followed by a stroll at the seawall till late. I know it’s the past now and the chances of that happening now are very slim, but at least it’s a memory of something good that I had in my life. I do miss that feeling of being at peace and never having to worry about what tomorrow would bring, I guess all I can say now as I stand here alone looking out the window, is appreciate what you have now because what you have is something people would give up everything to feel once again..

Don't give up

Don’t push away someone who you aren’t ready to be without. I know sometimes it seems to be the right thing to do, just to try and get over that feeling of rejection. But, I also know how much it hurts to eventually come back and see how everything that was there is gone. Then you realize that no matter what you do, it will never be the same again. So, please talk about what you are feeling first, even if you don’t have the answer you want. At least you know you gave it your best and you can let time decide what happens next..

Here for you

If you ever needed to know where I am in the darkest nights. Just look within your own heart and remember the memories we shared, think back to the moment when we sat in that crowded place together. It was filled with people all over but even then it felt like it was just us, it was the sweetest memory we shared and if you remember it as well as I do, then know that I never left your heart. I am there for you when you need me most, nothing will ever change this. Not even time apart, I’ll always be right here for you..

Why I love you

Ask me why I love you and I’ll tell you because of who you are to me, ask me who you are to me and I’ll say everything because I can’t imagine a day without you. Then if you ask me why I don’t think of anyone else, I’ll tell you only that what I feel is real and because it is genuine I could never love anyone else the way I love you, unconditionally…

Would you be noticed?

There’s only so much you can do when your heart is aching for the love of someone you want, yet that’s not the most painful part. It’s knowing that the one you wish the love of isn’t thinking of you that hurts the worst, there’s nothing you can do but let time heal old wounds again and again. But, this feeling will return time and again as long as someone is in the deepest part of your heart. The only thing you can do I guess is see if you matter to someone enough to notice you, only time will tell..

When we shared our paths together..

Though we traveled this road together for such a brief time, i know that once upon a time you were everything that i could have ever desired and by all definitions the only reason why i would wake up in the morning. All i ever wanted was to see your messages and hear your voice every time the sun would rise and before the sun would set. As fate would have it though, what could of been us isn’t anymore and time has decided that we should go our¬†separate¬†ways. The nights have become longer and the days have become lonely, not a day goes by when i think about what we had, every place brings a memory and every memory replays time and again on my mind, i could choose to forget but i don’t want to forget who you used to be to me. I guess what i’m saying is, i would rather feel this way than ever giving up on the thought that you once felt the same way about me.

Once in a lifetime

One lifetime to find you, one chance to show you how much you mean to me. So, go ahead and ask me if I would ever jeopardize what we have. The answer you’ll get every time, is I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I know you heard it before but I’m not the kind of person that toys with feelings, that takes a different kind of heart altogether and mine has already been shattered before.

What will you choose?

There’s always going to be that one person that’s always better, smarter and richer than what you have in your life, question is what will you do? will you replace who you have because you will get a better deal out if it? it is what so many others do! right? or will you be the better person and actually appreciate someone who’s always been there for you faithfully, never failed you when you needed a shoulder or someone to talk to? you’d be surprised at what some people would choose, just because they have more to gain!